From small seeds do great flowers grow.

Our Story

Some small seeds on a small London allotment was all it took to ignite my passion for growing delicious things. And once I had conquered the basics (another courgette anyone?) ....then it was time to get serious and retrain with the Royal Horticultural Society.

​Once that had happened an allotment simply wasn't going to cut it.  So after several years working for specialist, commercial nurseries, a move to the countryside and a bigger plot of land ensued. And now, nestled in the gloriously green hills of Somerset, a beautiful field of edible flowers has grown.

Our Ethos

We strongly believe in following the principles of organic growing.  Because putting the time and care into the quality of the soil is as important as the flowers the soil supports.

​Our aims include building and maintaining soil health, encouraging biodiversity of plants, insects, birds and mammals, using resources responsibly and NEVER using harmful chemicals.

And so our flowers are grown seasonally when they naturally want to flower.  They are not grown in heated tunnels or fed anything other than natural, organic seaweed based plant food, approved by the Soil Association.

​This attention and care provides us with natural, healthy and beautiful flowers from Spring, through Summer and into Autumn.


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