Lovely Leaves!

Why not compliment your edible flowers with a tailor made box of lovely leaves?  Want sweet cicely and fennel, no problem.  Or how about all the purples: chocolate mint and red orach.  Just add your perfect mix in the 'Add Notes' section at check out.


And here's a flavour reference:


Scented leaf geranium - grown for their beautifully rose fragranced leaves.


Lemon verbena - lemony with a hint of ginger.  Wonderful for making herbal tea.  Adds a lovely lemon flavour to marinades, dressings and desserts.


Nasturtium - with wonderful and unusual round leaves, this relative of watercress has a distinct peppery flavour.  Perfect for savoury dishes.  Makes amazing pesto.  And it's really good for you being full of Vitamin C!


Pineapple sage - crush these leaves to release a delicious pineapple aroma.


Mint - a must have for many desserts and drinks.  Works really well with green vegetables.  And makes a fantastic herb sugar to sprinkle over fruit.


Chocolate mint - the most delightful leaf...chocolatey and minty all in one!  Can you imagine a mojito made with this?!!  Heavenly with ice cream and makes a fantastically fresh tea.


Lovage - delicate, celery like leaves with a strong aroma and flavour.


Lavender - intensly aromatic leaves.  Great for adding a green/grey element alongside edible flowers on cakes. Also great to infuse in oil.


Lemon balm - lovely and lemony!  Infuse these leaves in oil or vinegar.  Use to make a delicious syrup or chop over fruit.


Blackcurrent sage - delicious and fruity, these leaves have a wonderful blackcurrent aroma and are great in drinks, desserts and jellies.


Fennel - these beautiful, wispy fronds have a lovely, sweet anise flavour.


Borage - add young leaves to salads.


Sweet cicely - a firm favourite with cake makers.  These beautiful, ferny leaves can be dissected into smaller parts to use on cakes.


Red orach - wonderfully deep coloured leaves, a bit like spinach, but with a hint of fennel.


Rosemary - great for infusing in vinegars and oils.  A lovely leaf to add to cheese wedding cakes.


Available April/May - October.


Lovely Leaves!